Many words are made up day-by-day on the Nintendo Pipeline, and this is a list of all known creations and their meanings.


Creator: PsychoDuck Pronunciation Key: boh-ing Word type: Onomatopoeia

The sound of a plane bouncing off of something. "Instead of crashing, the plane bounced off the runway with a loud 'boeing!'"

Based on "Boeing", the name of a major airplane manufacturer.

Plural form: N/A



The origin of "Cumbusted"

Creator: Agentdvd Pronunciation Key: kuhm-buhst-idd Word type: Verb

You don't wanna know. "MY CORNER HAS CUMBUSTED'"

Plural form: N/A


Creator: PsychoDuck Pronunciation Key: fwoo Word type: Onomatopoeia

The sound the principality of Sealand makes when lifted into the air via a taped-on helicopter "...and fwoo, off it goes."

Plural form: N/A


Creator: Fandomocity Pronunciation Key: Unknown Word type: Noun

Nothing about kffjce is known for sure. All that is certain is it's better than Scrubs, which matches flesh eating-diseases on the scale of awful. "kffjce is definitely better than Scrubs. Anything is."

Plural form: Unknown



The perfect Palmface, made by Dark Echo

Creator: MageLeif Pronunciation Key: pahm-feys Word type: Noun

The anti-facepalm "There's only one way to express how smart that was: A palmface"

Plural form: Palmfaces (pahm-feys-es)


Creator: ultima_zero Pronunciation Key: sahy-hoh Word type: Noun

A telekinetic prostitute. Similar in appearance to a normal prostitute apart from the blue, scaly skin and tendency to float two feet above the ground. "Psyho, psyho, it's off to work we go!"

Plural form: Psyhoes (sahy-hohz)


Main article: Soiker

Creator: Agentdvd Pronunciation Key: soi-kur Word Type: Noun

A hilariously misspelled spoiler "Soiker: Agentdvd is unintentionally hilarious"

Soikers are always obvious "spoilers" or facts that everybody already knows.

Plural form: Soikers (soi-kurs)


Creator: PsychoDuck Pronunciation Key: trawlss Word type: Adjective

A statement that isn't true or false. Thus, it is tralse. "Keatos is awesome: Tralse!"

Plural form: N/A


Creator: PsychoDuck Pronunciation Key: yoo-nih-cronn Word type: Noun

A unicorn robot with amazing horn-centric abilities and radiant beauty. "The Last Unicorn needs to have a crossover with Transformers, called The Last Unicron."

Not to be confused with Unicron

Plural form: Unicrons (yoo-nih-cronns)


Creator: Keatos Pronunciation Key: uhn-ri-vurs Word type: Verb

Putting back right something that was backwards "Soooo.... I blew my chance to unreverse it?"

Plural form: Unreverses (uhn-ri-vurs-ehz)

Uncle vernon hp

A rare picture of a Whoah


Creator: Disputed Pronunciation Key: woh Word type: Noun

A sea creature that shoots rays from its ears and eats rainbows "Crikey, it's a rare, endangered Whoah!"

Plural form: Whoah (woh)


Creator: Digital Pronunciation Key: yeep Word type: Adverb

A more intense form of the word "yep", indicating incredible confidence in the speaker's confirmation. "I like pudding, yeep I do"

Plural form: Yeeps (yeeps)

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