Anti-Claus image
The only known picture of the Anti-Claus, here seen laughing at the thought of the photographer's impending doom.
Vital statistics
Title Father Anti-Christmas
Gender Undetermined; Referred to as "he" for simplicity's sake
Race Anti
Faction Anti
Health 5221/5221
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location South Pole

Anti-Claus is an injoke we're desperately desperately trying to get popular. It's not working. However, we felt that it'd be a good idea to give it a wiki page. Because the best way to handle an in joke between friends is to officialize it. Then it won't get tiring!


Anti-Claus was created at the same time as Anti-Christmas, the holiday of his creation. Anti-Christmas is also known in some areas as Hanukkah. As a renown jew, Anti-Claus hates anything having to do with Christmas or fun.