The Calendar is a feature on the Nintendo Pipeline that shows special events on certain days. You can also change the view so that it lists birthdays instead. All you would have to do is go down to the bottom and click on "Community Birthdays". Clicking "Pipeline Events Calendar" (which is the default option) will bring back the display of events.

Amongst the calendar events, you may also set up your own events. If you were to do this, please make sure the events you create are appropriate. Anyways, there are 3 options to choose from when creating an event:

  • "Add Recurring Event" - This allows you to create an event that will occur once every year. An example would be a yearly holiday that occurs on the same day every year.
  • "Add Ranged Event" - This allows you to create an event that spans for a certain length of time in days. An example would be like summer break (although people start at different times)
  • "Add Single Event" - This allows you to create an event that lasts just for that single day. An example would be a release date for a game.

Other things you can do with the Calendar is change the views. The default view is "View Current Month", but you can also change it to "View Current Week". There's little to no use of the weekly view, but it's a nice thing to have.

You may also view the previous month and next month mini-calendar at the bottom right. But to view the previous or next months, just click the back or forward arrows adjacent to where it states the current month at the top.