Ham and Brownie Day
Ham and Brownie Day image
The One Day of the Year for Celebrating Ham and Brownies!
Vital statistics
Participants Anyone who enjoys ham, brownies, or both!
Date August 11th of any year
Location Anywhere where ham, brownies and happiness reside

Ham and Brownie Day  is our attempt to be fun. We're not, so this holiday lasted for about 13 minutes. However, it wasn't all that bad while it lasted!

Ham and Brownie Day RitualsEdit

Ham and Brownie Day occurs on August 11th of every year. As the day approaches, observers of this holiday often stock up on ham products and brownies in anticipation of the amazing parties sure to ensue.

When the day finally arrives, participants are encouraged to eat their fill of ham and brownies, then do whatever the heck they want from then on. Play video games, sleep, read a book, watch TV, whatever. Yes, the holiday is named after two food products and then the holiday consists of you eating said food products and then doing something else. It starts of fun until ham phlegm builds up in your throat.  Coincidentally, the subsequent holiday is Phlemapalooza, a week long event where we get rid of our access phlegm by hocking it at down syndromed children. This includes 90% of Nintendo Pipeline, so the holiday is very active here!


The second Ham and Brownie Day, on August 11th of 2009, was entirely forgotten, and passed without a single mention of its name. It is the single darkest moment in the holiday's history. It's not a good thing when our wacky fun annual holiday lasts for one year.