The Nintendo Pipeline Omega Skin was released on September 13th, 2008. The skin's main color scheme consists of black, white, and gray. This skin is the first to have links to the "Home", "Community", "News", "Reviews", "Previews" and "Articles" on it.

However, two things that have made it somewhat unpopular is the fact that it's not Internet Explorer friendly (as in all of the text wraps to the left side), and it is apparently missing the "Casino" link at the top.

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  • Home - Links to the main part of the site, which consists of the Latest News, Reviews, Previews, and Virtual Console/WiiWare games.
  • Community - Links to the forum part of the site.
  • News - Links to most recent news added to the site.
  • Reviews - Links to the official reviews written by the Site Staff part of the Staff.
  • Previews - Links to game previews available on the site.
  • Articles - Links to the articles available on the site.
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