I have noticed this Wiki for the Nintendo Pipeline has no "Sandbox" yet.

For those who don't know much about editing articles or such, Wikis (such as Wikipedia) have this thing called a "Sandbox". The sandbox allows all users to practice editing pages. The purpose of it is to give new users a feel on how editing works, because if we didn't have a Sandbox, and new users tried to edit some pages, they might mess up or something like that. Please though, keep all practicing of edits appropiate and PG (no sexual, racial, flaming comments). ;-)

Even though the Sandbox is supposed to be completly editable for everybody, please keep this "intro". Don't delete it so that other new users will be able to read it. In other words, you may edit however you want below this line.

MageLeif 14:57, 3 October 2008 (UTC)


Yay, a sandbox! I'll try to test out things...

BOLD italic

How do you do bullets again?

Actually, I am creating, "The most epic guide for editing Wikias!" So once I finish that, be sure to check it out!

I think you do those * things. Like...

  • la
  • la
  • la

Mow? Bet you can't guess who just said mow. Or, you probably could, if you know me well enough. what? bold is three asterisks? so weird... You'd think they'd use something familiar instead of coming up with something new. Also, since this is a sandbox, we can practice editing it. ............ This is less fun than previously indicated. I'm going so stop typing as soon as I finish this sentence.

I peed in the sandbox.

This is an unknown user testing out what this is. I think. •Test•