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As man as they come

Spindash712 has been an active member of the pipleine since March 1st 2010, exactly 2 days before his birthday. He has since then warmed up to the pipeline like a cat to it's owner's leg. He consistently posts as many topics relating to video game news and gets mad when other users beat him to it. He isn't really mad though, since he has such a mild attitude.

His is usually called Spin, but don't call him Spinny or Spiny or Spinni or or or or or.....Just call him Spin and you'll be ok.

History and posting personalityEdit

Spin stumbled upon the pipeline when he was invited by Rhyme via a chat. He since then has participated in it's posting postulates as much as possible.

Spin enjoys using many big words, although sometimes the words are out of topic and typoed. He still insists that they are usuable. He also often coins words based on the occasion, in order to look 'cool.'

He has many projects he is currently working on. With only one of them currently completed. He'll work on more when he thinks he has more time (when he actually has alot anyway).


Lesser minds can be boggled by Spin's vocabulary. But bring a dictionary and you may find his words are just gobbledee-gook. He isn't usually fought though, as he is a tame animal. Be nice and he will give you presents.


"Power is a pink puffball."

"If Pie is an infinite number, who stole the last piece?"


  • Spin is awesome
  • Spin is handsome
  • Whoever wins this battle is clearly superior, and will earn the allegiance of Spin.
  • Spin lieks Pie.