The Nintendo Pipeline Staff includes Moderators, Administrators, and the now defunct Site Staff and User Moderator. They are easily recognized by their bolded name, image tag, and their eye catching name. Mods clean up the forums, Site Staff used to work on the site and write for it, User Mods used to moderate one board on the forum, and Admins, well, do just about everything.

List of Staff MembersEdit

Name Moderator Admin Site Staff Date of promotion Notes
~Golden No Yes No ??/??/2012 Promoted during a staff shortage.
Decho Yes Yes Yes 2/02/2010 Promoted to Moderator from Adept because we needed more mods. A manry snowflake.
Digital Yes Yes No 3/21/2010 Promoted due to Hero stepping down as admin (who later came back). Was the best god damned admin to graze the web and quite the lady killer.
MageLeif No Yes No 11/08/2012 New head admin. From Sage to Admin.
PsychoDuck Yes Yes No 1/3/2010 Promoted to Moderator after a surge of NSider2 refugees. Named the nuclear launch button "Charlie." Later promoted to Administrator due to brony fantabulousness.

List of Former Staff MembersEdit

Name Moderator Admin Site Staff Date of promotion and demotion Notes
__Alex__ No No Yes 8/16/2008 - 10/??/2008 Member to Adept to Site Staff to Adept. Has a way with the English language. No longer active.
Autumn Yes No No 2007 - 4/15/2008 Asked to step down due to inactivity. Pops up once in a while to say something.
Epona Yes Yes Yes 12/13/2006 - 2/7/2009

Administrator early on. Is obsessed with PC games, and owns all of this generation's consoles... hardcore. Another victim of having a busy life. Previously known as Epona.

Hero No Yes Yes Founder Founded and created the Nintendo Pipeline website on December 11th, 2006.
Keatos Yes No Yes 4/13/2008 - 6/05/2009 Member to Adept to Moderator. No longer needed so was asked to step down.
Kyle No Yes Yes 6/23/2009 Former head admin after Hero. Does a lot with graphic design.
SkullKid Yes Yes Yes ??? - ??? Went through a bunch of ranks until he stepped down.
Smooth_Criminal No Yes Yes 9/26/2008 Member to Adept to Admin. Eventually demoted to Sage due to inactivity. Became active for a bit, but now remains pretty much inactive.
WildWorld Yes No No? ??? - 2008 Was one of the forum's original members, and held the highest post count for a while. No longer active.
WingedYoshi Yes Yes Yes ??? - 6/10?/2009 Promoted to Administrator (first time) on 1/17/2008, did a lot for the forum, then stepped down on 8/26/2008 and left after that. Came back and was promoted to Admin on 6/03/2009 when the forum was about to close, but due to some drama, he was kicked off the staff. He likes to come back and then leave again.
Wyvern User No No ??? - 1/30/2008 Was apart of the now defunct Mod rank, User Mod. Moderated the General Discussion board while on Staff. Activity is on and off.
ZeldaSageOfFire No Yes Yes? Founder - 8/13/2008 One of the founders of Nintendo Pipeline. Stepped down due to having a busy life, though still posts once in a while. Is well known for always using red text.


Adepts are not apart of Staff, despite their eye catching name and amazing star.

Adepts no longer exist as they were merged with the Senior Member rank to create the Sage rank. But you can still read up on them by clicking on it.

Can I be Staff?Edit

Only if you're as big of as an embarassment as we are! [This is impossible. The answer is no.]