MageLeif 16:44, 21 October 2008 (UTC)The only successful RP thread in Nintendo Pipeline.

It was created by Dark Echo for a "blatant ego boost". Contestants have to get to the top of his tower without him noticing. When they do, they must fight him for victory. Every time someone wins, a piece of the Dark Secrets of the Tower is revealed. Only one person has been known to do this, and it is MageLeif. Dark Echo has long left the thread, and Acgamer has taken up the reigns.


The world has asploaded, but people have lived somehow. As time passed on, though, people are dying except for Dark Echo, who was smart enough to make a tower that's his Happy Place.

For years, people have wanted to come to this place, but everyone who tried to was destroyed by Dark Echo's epicness. That is when a resistance force came to destroy Dark Echo's happy place and make it so that everyone could live there.

Dark Echo didn't like that, so he made them all die.

After a bit, though, people started to come onto Dark Echo's happy world. In this RP, you want to live as long as you can without drawing attention from Dark Echo or anyone he chooses to hire.

The objective in this RP is to get as high in the tower as you can without myself noticing.

Also, I recommend using your signature (which is ~~~~) so nobody else can steal what you put in.




tormented beings....




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