Tai Le Ree
Vital statistics
Title Furvert♥
Gender Male
Race RioluFox
Faction Furries
Health -1
Level Tier 2
Status Active
Location Texas

A potential pedarest dabbling in drawings of a nude young angel boy (Who isn't Pit from Kid Icarus don't even think that he has red hair okay).


Tai is said to be a myserious one. He has a past he just doesnt talk about it. This is either because he wants to be mysterious as the truth will reveal him as dull in every area, or because his past involves the FBI checking his hard drive a few times. There are some known facts that he confirmed.

  • He's alledgedly cute. This is juxtaposed by the fact that he does not have sex with anyone over the age of 3, so they cannot confirm his cuteness.
  • The full name is Tai Le Ree. Everyone just calls him 'Tai' because having to say 'Tai Le Ree' all the time is momunmentally stupid.
  •  :3 is his favorite smiley. The three reminds him of the testicles of a young boy.


Decently active. He became a bit less active when the shoutbox died. But you can still find his artwork taped to the bottom bunk of his cell, much to the dismay of the guards who have to search his room.