Foreward note: This is written by a bias member.

The Great Shoutbox Crisis Edit

The Great Shoutbox Crisis is a time when Epona decided he would turn off the shoutbox in order to increase post count. However, instead of Epona's expectations of getting more posts, he got shouts and angry stirs from other members on the thread he made explaining why he shut down the shoutbox.

Here is Epona's collected data.


Epona explained that he turned off the shoutbox as an experiment to see if their would be more posts. This was late December 2008. Epona's data collection did prove to be true. When the shoutbox was gone, the post count has been increased by a tremendous amount.

However, upon the permanent removal of the shoutbox which occured January 23, 2009, their has been much controversy towards this idea.

Edit by GREEN_LOVER edited by SMASHTREKKER: The Shoutbox has not been permanently removed. In fact, it's still there. But only those who have a 1UP Mushroom rank or above can use it. (Above 487 posts)

A substitute is shown here (courtesy goes to BAD_DOG)

Pros and Cons Edit

Here is a list of pros and cons that may be the result of removing the shoutbox


  • More posts in the forum


  • Angry members
  • No way to quickly talk with one another
  • Less posts and posting activity

Conflicts Edit

Many conflicts have arose when Epona removed the shoutbox. The main one being members actually threatening to leave the Nintendo Pipeline forever. While some members have left, others have just tried to reason with Epona in order to try to get him to bring the shoutbox back. Of all the members, Golden_God has seemed to make the best points.