Trinity image
Vital statistics
Title Anime Warfare Specialist
Gender Female
Race Presumably Human
Faction Umi-Leigon
Health 1052/1827
Level 251
Status Fair
Location The Wilderness

Trinity is one of the lessers who does what she can to help the site, but not so much that it looks like she's dedicated. She's usually incredibly lazy, but is productive all the same, and she is by no means your typical obese American.


Trinity came around in the Spring of 2010, primarily to get troll and fellow member Titus to stop pestering her about it. Since then, Trinity has always been passively on the site, posting randomly wherever she pleases. She enjoys playing Pokémon and Starcraft 2, and is slowly working her way up the competitive ladders for both games. She does take a lot of time off for schoolwork though, so she isn't nearly as skilled as she could be. She also enjoys computer programming and may end up running down that career path.

Game InvolvementEdit

Since when was the Pipeline a game? Because I need to get it. Pronto.

If there isn't a game, one needs to be made. Pronto.

Battle StrategyEdit

Trinity is skilled in both Melee and Ranged forms, primarily using melee to hold defensively and ranged to attack, sometimes taking advantage of her superior agility to aattack with both forms, alternating them in erratic and unpredictable patterns. It's useless to match her one-on-one in melee combat, and her ranged attacks are near impossible to counter. Good luck~


"...Of which there are none."


-She sometimes falls asleep at her computer, and ends up creating wonderful things using it, just to wake up with the end result on the screen, but with no memory of how it was made.

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