The Umi-Legion Doesn't have a direct starter or ownership of it. Some could say it started because of Switch-Renn, Slasher, Suzune, and Emess all having similar avatars in regards to Umineko, following the purple/pink, orange, and black color scheme. Others could also say it started when Mageleif went to copy the color scheme with his own avatar, in which others followed suit. One of the members of the Umi-Legion known as Trinity, had excellent skills in recreating awesome looking Umi Avatars. His talent in that deserves recognition.

The Umi-Legion had created their own thread not long after the avatars started becoming a trend amongst some users. Anybody who had an Umi Avatar was added onto the list of members of the Umi-Legion. Any members of the Umi-Legion was of high quality and with good taste. The thread in general was quite creative and well organized in a great manner.

Then the Anti Umi's came along. These creatures who are supposedly fellow members apparently had horrible taste and didn't allow for the Umi's to express their ideals and freedom. These Anti's wanted to fight against a just cause which was really over nothing. They just didn't like any of the Umi Avatars and wanted to force people to take them off for their own selfish reasons, while all the Umi-Legion was doing was expressing themselves openly. Nobody would even want to touch the Red vs. Green truth issue, it must have been embarrassing enough for them.

In any case, because the Anti Umi's stemmed their own thread from the Umi-Legion, other members tried to start their own fad threads too. Because of this, Decho had to step up and lock all the fad threads to prevent things from getting out of hand. Regardless, the Umi-Legion will live on.




Members if the Umi-LegionEdit

  • Emess
  • Mageleif
  • Slasher
  • Smashtrekker
  • Suzune
  • Switch-Renn
  • Tai
  • Trinity
  • Wyvern